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Binocular is also sometimes called field glasses. Binocular consists of two telescopes attached side-by-side and lined up to point precisely in the same direction. Binocular let the user to view with both eyes at some distance. Binoculars are of different sizes and styles. Most of the binocular are designed to clutch using both hands although there are also larger types available. Binocular is comfortable for viewing, as it eradicate the need to close one eye to avoid confusion. It is also easy to use a binocular with hands and head, a three-point platform instead of a monocular. 

Binocular glasses have an eyeglass frame to be use in sports. The sports design hands-free binocular glasses can be modified to be used as hands-free gadget. Also hands-free binocular glasses feature a decorative factor and a design element. Binocular glasses cause damage, if viewing far away things with crystal clear lens. Unlike common binoculars that keep the hands busy, these binocular glasses are worn like eyeglasses. Binocular glasses can be adjusted separately for clear view. Binocular glasses are available in variety of sizes and shapes.

Binoculars reviews help you to buy the best and most useful binocular. Reviews on different binoculars tell about their functionality, workability and overall performance. Binocular reviews can be read on several web sites. Reviews on binoculars are very significant to know about the product. Binocular specifications do not totally describe the product, only the reviews guide you correctly to find the good one. Hunting binoculars have high quality optics, easy handgrip and water proof design. Hunting binoculars should have 7x to 10x magnifications but some times higher magnification binoculars of 15×70 and 20×80 are also used in hunting. Usually hunting binoculars are of fixed magnification power because of waterproof design. Due to fixed magnification of hunting binocular the viewing area and image quality is better than a zoom binocular. Pentax and Nikon manufacture best hunting binoculars.

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