There is a system in our body that converts some part of the food into energy and remaining part into the waste material. To thro away this material from the body, all we need a specific place and here comes the idea of toilet or bathroom. It is a place where we can easily and safely discharge the wastages of our body. It is an essential part of our homes, offices, schools and other institutes. A bathroom is a kind of room that may have several uses depending on the cultural background. Literally, the word “bathroom” means “a room with bath”. In the United States, generally the word “bathroom” means “a room having a toilet”. In other regions of the world this is typically known as the “toilet” or “water closet” (WC), lavatory or “loo”.

A distinctive bathroom features a bathtub, shower and toilet. At the present time bathroom is attached with bedroom. A bathroom which is attached to a bedroom is known as en-suite bathroom. If there is only one bathroom available in the home then it is called master bathroom. The design of bathroom should be like that it facilitates the user and help to drain the waste easily either in liquid or solid form.