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Basics of Car Stereo System

When it comes to buy a car stereo system, the most important thing that comes in mind is what functionality your system features. Other main issues are your budget and what kind of music you want to listen. If you really don’t want to spend a big amount on an expensive stereo system, and you don’t want all kinds of flashy animations, screen savers and other luxury options that you really don’t need. However, the car stereo should at least feature an LCD display to show the tracks text, numbers and equalizer. You should be look for a CD deck or car stereo system with a minimum of 3-band equalizer to easily adjust the bass, middle and treble levels to modify the sound to figure out the style of your music.

This is only my view but I feel that a luxury car audio system should have a powerful head/main unit that either has a MP3/CD player and/or is connected to a good CD changer in the trunk. A good car stereo system sounds well when playing CDs, tapes and it don’t cut the music and rupture the flow of sound. Next I think speakers should install with fewer compromises than coaxial speakers so I recommend a good quality midrange tweeter set for the front. Main units of the car stereo system usually do not transmit sufficient sound power so you’ll need an amplifier to drive the component set in better way. In the back of the car where you only need some “sound fill up” for vibes and creating good sound you can install low priced coaxials and set their volume level lower than the front coaxials to keep the sound phase in front of the car. A modest (50×4) 4 channel amp is a good option here for powering the speakers at the front and the rear. You could use a good 2 channel amplifier and empower the front and back in parallel on the amp but it would more difficult to adjust the sound level between them.

Midrange speakers sound very good when they do not play bass so you will need a 2 way electronic intersect and use the high output to drive your 4 channel amplifier. I did not forget about bass, most people use to enjoy a single 10″ woofer or a pair of 12″s. Always use a right enclosure and a big amplifier. Then make installation and wiring the accessories like fuses and distribution blocks. If you are a little concerned about highs, get coaxials in front to replace the component set and power them off from the head unit and also use some bass blockers on them. Car stereo basics should be kept in mind by the person before purchasing or upgrading the car stereo system. By knowing the basic facts of a car stereo system you can easily design a good car stereo system within your budget.